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Before completing the form, please be sure that you have the necessary academic qualifications - our minimum requirement is that you hold a completed university degree. If you are under the age of 21 you are unlikely to meet this minimum requirement.

If you complete the form below and also send us a copy of your DBS disclosure electronically (instructions are supplied in the relevant section of the form), YOU COULD RECEIVE YOUR FIRST PUPIL REFERRAL WITHIN 24 HOURS.

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Please indicate the highest level at which you are prepared to teach any of the subjects listed.
[N.B. Tutors in Scotland should substitute GCSE with National Qualifications and 'A' Level with Highers and Advanced Highers.]

Key to abreviations in table below:

  • KS 1& 2 = Primary level (Key stages 1 & 2)
  • KS 3 = Lower Secondary (Key Stage 3)
  KS 1&2 KS 3 GCSE/
A & AS
Biology N/A
Chemistry N/A
English N/A
French N/A
German N/A
Combined & Additional Science N/A
Geography N/A
History N/A
Computer studies/ IT/ITC N/A
Maths N/A
Physics N/A
Basic skills
(Maths & English)
Basic skills
(Maths & English)
Maths N/A N/A N/A
English and Reading N/A N/A N/A

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Please supply the names,email addresses and postal addresses of two people who will be prepared to act as referees for you. Providing details of a third referee is helpful in case one of your first two does not reply. We prefer someone with whom you have had a formal relationship, (employer, college tutor, colleague, line manager, solicitor etc.).
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Your Profile will be visible on the Personal Tutors website with your tutor number and other non-personal information and it is of great help to potential clients in their choice of tutor.  Your Profile should be a summary of your main qualifications, teaching/tutoring experience and your approach to tuition – see the Examples link below.  Please only mention the subjects we offer, keeping it relevant to tutoring. Your profile should not exceed 650 characters/spaces in order to display correctly on our website. Please take time and care whilst compiling this self-advertisement, as we have found that pupils are greatly influenced by it when selecting a tutor. (Personal Tutors retain the right to abridge or amend profiles to conform with Company policy.)

See example Tutor profiles here (opens in new window)

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Your DBS Enhanced Check:

This work involves substantial opportunity for access to children and is therefore exempt from the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974. You are therefore required to declare any convictions, cautions, reprimands or final warnings you may have even if they are otherwise considered spent under the Act.

*Please indicate if you are required to declare*:

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To speed up your application you can send us a copy of your DBS Enhanced check electronically, or you can send the original to us by post at the address below.

To send an electronic image you need only send us a photograph of your document using a digital camera e.g. one on a mobile phone (at maximum resolution) or you can send a colour scan from a scanner. Please ensure that you send an image of both the front and back pages and that the whole document is visible. 

If you do not have a DBS Enhanced check, as a Registered Body with the DBS we can obtain a check for you. The fee charged by the DBS is £44 and we charge no additional administration fee for the work we do in this process.

*Please choose one of the options below*:

(address shown below)

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If you are using the post to send your DBS Enhanced check, please send it to:

Personal Tutors
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Any documents posted to us must be originals, not photocopies. They will be returned the next working day.


Please make a selection. Please tick the box to confirm your agreement.*I declare that the information given above is true and complete. I understand that the obligation to collect and forward the agency commission at the stipulated time is a contractual agreement between myself and the agency and failure to comply with this obligation will lead to me being removed from the active list and no further leads will be provided.*:

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All tutors are self-employed and are responsible for any tax and national insurance which may be due.

Tutors are reminded of their obligations regarding personal data under the General Data Protection Regulation (please see the ICO website for more information).

By submitting this form, you consent to Personal Tutors processing your personal data (please see our Privacy Notice for more information).

Whilst we supply registered tutors with as many introductions as possible, unfortunately we will be unable to continue to do so (without notice) if the number of lessons ensuing is significantly lower than the average and consequently not viable for the agency.

Please note that when a pupil requests a free list of tutors and then selects your profile for an introduction, after processing such request, we provide you with the pupil’s contact details.

We will in turn share with the pupil your contact details (you consent to this by completing and returning this form to the agency). It may be a criminal offence to supply, or offer to supply, private tuition to a person under 17 years of age without having an Enhanced DBS Check.

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Genuine Testimonials

I would like to take this opportunity to say how impressed I have been with the service provided by your company. Having worked briefly for one other tutor agency, I have very much appreciated how much more efficient you have been.
Mr. J.P. (Tutor) (Hailsham, W.Sussex)

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